Why you are regaining lost weight

Why you are regaining lost weight

From time to time, I receive messages from people who had once lost weight complain of regaining  all or half of the  weight they had lost in the past.  I can totally relate with this because between January 2015 to January 2017, I lost about 34kg, and from April 2017 to January 2018, I have gained 10kg.

Last Sunday morning, I wore one of my best dresses and to my surprise, the zipper refused to zip up. I tried on a second and a third dress and the zipper still didn’t close. Yes, I know I had gained some weight, but I didn’t realize how bad it had become. I finally “forced” my body into a fifth dress and felt like stuffed potatoes all through the church service.

If you are in this ship, “WE”  have two options:

  1. To start making new clothes to accommodate our piled up weight.
  2. To burn off the piled up fat.

Obviously, option 1 is a NO NO! The moment you decide on making new clothes to accommodate your plied up weight, you are heading to point zero.  So, let’s burn off the piled up fat!

Yes! I know you’re willing to cut back on the weight gained, but first, you need to know why you are regaining lost weight.

Why You Are Regaining Lost Weight

You stopped paying attention to your food consumption: Food is a major culprit. You have  to question your food consumption.  When you embarked on your weight loss journey, you were mindful of  what you ate, how you ate, time you ate and food portions per meal. How about now?

I bet green smoothies and veggies have become boring to you. Have you replaced water with sodas? Are junk foods your “ready to go meal”? Do you still cook your own meals or did you start eating out more often? Take a look at your food contents and portions , then make some adjustments.

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You became too lazy to exercise:  Do you remember how zealous you were to exercise? How you took advantage of every little opportunity to burn some calories. You ran/walked miles, jumped ropes, strength trained, etc. You even ditched the elevators for the stairs.  A “Gym Rat”!

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Hey! What’s going on these days? A combination of bad eating habits and lack of regular exercise will definitely fetch you some pounds. You have to start setting “small” goals and smash them.

You compromised your sleep hours: Sleep is an integral part of weight loss and I’m sure you know that too.  Make a comparison between how you slept then and how you are sleeping now and make amends.

You reached your weight loss goal and went on “Vacation” : While you can’t continue losing weight all your life, it’s also not advisable to quit or go on vacation when you reach your weight loss goal.   A recent analysis by the National Weight Control Registry found long-term weight maintenance is possible.

Build up lean muscles, keep counting calories, weigh in daily, exercise, watch your food portions – it’s not the time to go on eating spree. It’s alright to increase your food portion when you’re on maintenance mood, but do not eat more calories than you are burn daily.

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You have a health or emotional problem: Some people regain their lost weight if they develop a health related problem along the way and are placed on some kind of medications. Stress, depression or emotional challenges can also cause weight gain. Age is also a factor.

Now you know why you are regaining your lost weight, it’s time to take the bull by the horn and deal with it!



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