YO Home Sperm Test

This do-it-yourself App allows men check their sperm at home!

Asking men to go for semen analysis to determine their fertility can be very embarrassing for many.

Most times male infertility is usually the last to be investigated due to reluctance of the man to undergo semen analysis even though in about 40% of infertility cases, the male partner is either the sole cause or contributing cause of infertility. 

All that is about to change with a new do-it-yourself app that allows men check the health and strength of their sperm at home before seeing the doctor.

YO Home Sperm Test is an app that has been developed by Los Angeles-based technology company Medical Electronic Systems, to test men’s motile, or moving, sperm count from the comfort of home.

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The FDA and CE-cleared device is said to be 97 percent accurate and is the only test of this kind that analyses motile sperm concentration – the number of moving sperm.

Following a download of the app, users purchase a starter kit that comes with a collection cups, liquefying powder to mix with the sample, testing slides, a plastic pipette and a YO clip.

The clip attaches to your Android or iPhone to take a video of your sample.

To begin testing, users collect their sample in the cup.

Then, one vial of liquefying powder is added and the sample is gently mixed for between 10 to 15 seconds.

Next, users set aside the sample, which will turn slightly pink, for about 10 minutes.

Once the sample is ready, users mix it again and draw some of it into the pipette.

Then, on the testing slide, some of the liquid is placed on a red dot, which will slowly fill the base of the slide.

The filled slide is finally placed into the YO Clip all the way and then users tap ‘start testing’.

In about 30 seconds, the app take a video of the sample and then spends a couple of minutes analyzing before the video appears on the screen along with a sperm count and motility.

In a statement, the firm’s CEO Marcia Deutsche said: ‘We developed the YO Home Sperm Test to give men a simple, affordable and accurate way to test their fertility at home, in private.

‘Couples are realizing that coping with infertility is a shared journey. So now while monitoring and testing the woman, there is also an easy way to test her male partner using the YO Home Sperm Test.

‘Having the kit available on Amazon makes YO easy to purchase.’

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