Tips for Health Benefits during this Christmas

Christmas is a time of merry making and festivity. There is the tendency to over indulge in eating and drinking. Overeating just because you have access to delicious food may not be healthy. The effects of binge eating to your body include tiredness, feeling bloated, nausea and sleep disruption.
Instead of over indulgence, practice these tips for health benefits during this Christmas:

1. Mindful eating: Eat slowly by taking time to chew and savour every food. This technique helps with weight loss, as you will give your brain enough time to recognise signals that you are full and will prevent over-eating.

By mindful eating, you are also eating consciously by paying attention to what you eat and choosing foods that will nourish you and satisfy your hunger.
Do not eat by compulsion or as a result of necessity. Don’t let your eating be controlled by your emotions.

This ancient practice of mindful eating can enable us to enjoy the food we eat, maintain a healthy weight, and avoid a whole range of health problems.

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2. Avoid binge drinking: You may be tempted to drink more than usual this Christmas. The excuse that most people give for binge drinking during this period is that “this is just a one-off thing and should not have any consequences.” However drinking too much alcohol within a short space of time is laden with dire nasty consequences. If you must drink alcohol, drink in moderation and avoid “mixing” drinks.

3. Hang out with friends and family : Interact with friends during Christmas and do not allow room for boredom. Have a good laugh occasionally. This is the time to exchange gifts and be generous. Research has shown that being generous makes you happier.

4. Engage your brain more: Try playing some indoor games like scrabble, chess, or read a book. Boost your brain power this Christmas and limit your screen time on your mobile phone or television.

As you enjoy the Christmas season always remember that there’s still more Christmas to come. Don’t live just for the Now!



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