Basic Cake Recipes

Cake Making Lesson 3: Basic Cake Recipes

Today in Cake Making Lesson 3, Gladys Chinwendu Nnaji – Glad’s Signature shall be training us on basic cake recipes. There are four (4) different methods of making cakes – Rubbing in,  WhiskingMelting and Creaming

Cake is a soft sweet snack that is made from mixture on flour, egg, sugar, butter etc. baked for personal consumption or ceremonies such as wedding, birthday anniversary etc.

The richness of a cake depends chiefly upon the proportion of fat and egg added to flour. The higher the proportion of these the richer the quality cake.

Methods of Caking Making

1.   Rubbing-in Method:

Rubbing-in Method
Rubbing-in Method

When a comparatively small proportion of fat to flour is used, the fat is rubbed into the flour with the finger tips until the mixture look like fine bread crumbs. This method is good for simple buns, plains cake and scones. It is commonly used in making pastriespies, beef rolls, egg rolls, etc.

2.  The Whisking Method:

Whisking Method
Whisking Method

In this method, the egg and sugar are whisked together until thick and frothy. When this has been achieved, the flour is then added  lightly in to the mixture. This method is used for plain sponge cakes which are very light and digestible. The cake goes stale very quickly because very little or no fat is added to it.

3.  The Melting Method:

Melting method
Melting method

When using the melting method,  fat with the sweetening agents/sugar, syrups or treacle are melted together. The method is used for making ginger bread.

4.  Creaming Method:

Creaming method
Creaming method

This is the conventional and most popular method of cake making. The fat and sugar, which are of equal proportions, are beaten together until creaming, either manually or with a cake mixer. This method is generally used for  wedding cake,  Christmas cake, anniversary cake, and for plain butter sponge cake like Victoria sandwich cakes and small cake like queen cakes.

Keep following us as we continue to bring you more lessons on caking making.

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Picture of creaming method – By ThinkTasty

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