Conversion of Flour Measurement

Cake Making Lesson 2: Conversion of Flour Measurement (Cup/Gram/Tablespoon)

Measurement of ingredients is a major key player in cooking, especially baking. The output of your product is largely dependent on the measurement of your ingredients and mixture.

If your measurement is irregular, your  finished product will come out  different both in texture and taste every time you bake your cake; and you definitely do not want your clients complaining about the irregularities in your products.

When I was a newbie in pastry making, I found it a major challenge  following through a recipe manual because I didn’t have a weighing scale and most of  the ingredients were measured in ml, grams and kilos.

Two weeks ago, a newbie had an order to serve meat pies and beef rolls at an event which was going to house 50 guests. She was overwhelmed because she didn’t have a weighing scale to herself and that took away her self confidence. Well, I helped her overcome her fears and she was able to accomplish that task.

If you are one of those who fret at measurements written in recipe manuals because you don’t have the knowledge of  measurement conversion using household items in your kitchen, this teaching will help alleviate your fears.

In today’s cake making lesson, Gladys Chinwendu Nnaji – Glad’s Signature, will be educating us on conversion of flour measurement. “Cup” here refers to empty liquid tin milk. 

Conversion of Flour Measurement (Cup/Gram/Tablespoon)   

1/2 cup of flour    =     125ml (62.5gram)       =        8 tablespoon of flour.

1/4 cup of flour    =     60ml (30gram)             =        4 tablespoon of flour

1 cup of flour       =      250ml (125gram)         =       16 tablespoon of flour

2 cups of flour     =      500ml (250gram)         =        32 tablespoon of flour

3 cups of flour     =      750ml (375gram)         =        48 tablespoon of flour

4 cups of flour     =      1000ml (500gram)       =        64 tablespoon of flour

6 cups of flour       =     1500ml (750gram)        =        96 tablespoon of flour.

8 cups of flour       =     2000ml (1000gram)     =        128 tablespoon of flour

If you’re still in doubt about Kilograms (kg), 1000gram is 1kg.

So when next you’re confused about a recipe manual involving flour measurement, a quick glance at this teaching will go a long way in helping.

Keep an eye on this blog as we bring you Cake Making Lesson 3 tomorrow.

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