does the colour of your panties define your personal hygiene

Does the colour of your panties define your personal hygiene?

Once a upon a time, wearing white panties  was very trendy.  Older adults were obsessed with wearing white pants such that it rubbed off on those of us who were teenagers walking into adulthood.

In the  late 80s and 90s, a lady who wore any colour of panty other than white was tagged  “dirty”. How we arrived at that conclusion is still uncertain, but the fact remained that it was a competitive trend among young women.

It was more like a competition every weekend on campus when some ladies at that time, after wearing all their pants through the week, would wash them over the weekends. With a lot of pride, they would  display them ALL  on dryers outside for all to see in their large numbers…quite intimidating.

While some of us who were  quite young at that time tried copying the trend from our mums, aunties and senior females, we always ran into problem of maintenance.  Getting  the underneath of the panties clean, where the vagina rests on, was always a problem because no matter how much we washed, it still had that brownish or sometimes yellowish stain.

But really, does the colour of your panties define your personal hygiene? Is it a yardstick for measuring one’s neatness? 

In recent times, more and more ladies are moving away from wearing white panties to more colourful ones.  As a matter of fact, the more colourful they are, the sexier they look in them.

Until now, lots of women only wore black panties during their monthly period, but today black is sexy and suitable for all occasions.

Surprisingly, the men for whom the women wore white panties to please back in the days, are now drooling over women who play with colours today.

What exactly changed in their sense of judgement? OR are there men who still judge a woman’s “neatness” by the colour of her panties?

The fact is,  the colour of a lady’s  panties  does not define her personal hygiene in anyway. It’s all about choice, style and trend.

Let’s go ladies…

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