OMG! What a Terrible Body Odor

Yesterday afternoon, I boarded a Lagos State  BRT bus from Obalende to Berger. When I got in the bus,  I stood in the aisle and scanned for a place to sit.

I sighted a beautiful lady sitting alone, who obviously was returning from work because of the way she was officiously dressed. So I walked up to her and sat beside her.

OMG! This pretty damsel hard a terrible body odor (BO). Her body odor was so strong that I looked out of the window throughout the long journey.

As we journeyed I kept wondering why she had such strong body odour. “Is she wearing a dirty bra? “. “Is she menstruating?”. “Does she even know she’s got such a bad body odor? “, I asked myself.

There are people who have bad body odor without knowing they do. They’ve become used to their body smell that it appears normal and OK to them.

While some body odor may be as a result of rare genetic disorder called Trimethylaminuria or caused by untreated diabetes which is called diabetic ketoacidosis, others could be caused by poor personal hygiene.

How to Manage  Bad Body Odor (BO)

If the cause of that awful embarrassing  bad body smell is a resultant effect of bad personal hygiene, these simple home remedies may help you get out of it.

We will assume you bath and brush your mouth at least once a day.

1. Use LEMON Juice!

Yes, I said Lemon juice. This is a universal remedy which works effectively in getting rid of body odour. Lemon juice contain citric acid, which makes your skin acidic and limit the growth of bacteria when applied.

Simply cut a lemon into two and apply to the areas you sweat a lot, squeezing the juice out. Leave it on for 20mins and then wash off.

Repeat this daily till your body smell improves.

Lime can also be used in the absence of Lemon. Lime is milder on the skin, so apply it before bed time and have your shower in the morning.

2.  Exercise Regularly : Doing activities that make you break out in sweats will combat the bad odor your  body produces. That’s because excessive sweat washes away the bacteria which causes body odor.

3. Use White Vinegar : Just apply  white vinegar  around your sweaty regions using cotton wool and allow to dry.

4.  Pay attention to your undies: Com’on!  I know you love that particular  bra because it fits so well, but wearing it for 2 to 4 days  without washing can make your body smell, especially if you sweat in it.

Why would you wear a boxer for 2 to 4days as a man?  Everytime you pee, drops of urine get on your boxer and if you pee up to 4 times a day, that’s a whole lot of urine drops getting on your boxer.

5.  For the women, maintaining good hygiene when in your monthly period can’t be over emphasized. With  the hike in price of sanitary pads, you may want to wear 1 sanitary pad through the day instead of 2 or 3. Now,  that’s bad personal hygiene which it can make you smell.

6.  Baking Soda: Baking soda is prominent for its efficacy in several home remedies like whitening teeth, cleaning white canvas and removing shoe smells.

Baking soda is also known to kill bacteria and absorb sweat. Apply a past of baking soda to your armpits before having a bath and leave it for 10 to 15mins.

7. Trim unnecessary hair:  Over grown armpit and pubic hairs hold back sweats and dirt. Always keep them well trimmed.

Drinking water regularly is also important in keeping you hydrated.

If your bad body odor isn’t caused by poor personal hygiene, it’s advisable to seek medical attention.

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