Size 10 is Not for everyone

My Weight Loss Story – Size 10 is NOT for Everyone!

All I wanted to be when I embarked on my weight loss journey was to be able to wear a size 16 dress from the size 22 I was wearing at that time.

At that time, I was interacting with women who had higher weight loss goals than I had. While I was working at becoming a size 16, some of those women were working towards achieving size 6, 8, 10 and 12.

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As I got to my desired size 16 goal, I became inspired and took it all the way to size 12. At this point, close friends and relatives started screaming… “ Vivian, you’ve got to stop now!” Lol. But I wasn’t done yet.

How could I stop when there were ladies aiming at becoming size 6 and 8? I wasn’t going to be left behind in this single digit dress size pursuit . Inspiration was gradually transcending to competition and I didn’t even realise it. My goal moved from living healthy and maintaining an ideal weight to wearing competitive dress sizes. I was getting really skinny and ugly.

Did I tell you my Body Mass Index (BMI) says my ideal weight is 75kg? At  80kg  and a size 12 as at then, I was already looking like a “ghost”.  My facial bones were almost becoming visible and even make overs could not hide them. I gave up my single digit dress size pursuit  and moved it to size 10.  Again, I realized size 10 isn’t for everyone, just like 6 packs isn’t for all.

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There are lots of ladies out there who have achieved size 6, 8 and 10 dress sizes and they look angelic wearing those bodies.  Yes, most of us want to achieve such great success stories, but you have to put your body structure and gene into consideration and watch the mirror always, to know when you’re going over board.

You should know when to go into maintenance mode. Not everyone who tells you to “slow down” is a hater. Sometimes, they say it out of genuine concern.

Weight loss is not a competition.  If you must compete, compete against yourself and maintain a healthy weight and life style.

Size 10 is not for everyone!  Some people look great in size 12, some size 14 and others size 16.  You don’t have to be a size 10 to look good. Being healthy is more important than size.

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………hurricane Vivian!

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