things that can kill your sex drive

What is killing your sex drive?

I have been to many church meetings on family relationships and what I find very common in such meetings is that sexual matters are either not thoroughly discussed or is given very little attention.

A woman recently complained how her husband doesn’t give her the kind of sexual attention she craved for before marriage.  She’s just been married for two years and already has a form of sexual dysfunction.

Married couples may experience some form of sexual dysfunction because one partner or both have reduced sex drive – it’s  simply lack of sexual desire or lack of interest in sex  and it’s common among couples who have been in long term relationships. Sometimes it’s a case of mismatched libidos which may not be intentional, though.

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However, there are things that can kill your sex drive.

Having Babies: When the kids start coming, attention is now divided and sex becomes secondary.

Stress: Stress from work, home, school runs, career anxiety or stress in the relationship can lead to reduced sexual desire. So you must learn to readjust your lifestyle to cope with it.

Chronic illness: Some chronic illnesses like diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease and neurological disorders can gradually erode sexual desire of one partner. Care and understanding is key here.

Medications: Some medications either prescribed or bought over the counter can kill your sex drive. Eg antidepressants, some blood pressure medications. If you notice any problem while using such drugs see your doctor.

Relationship Problems: Constant infighting, lack of closeness, previous sexual abuse and poor communication among couples can affect desire for each other.

Lack of Sleep: Poor sleep reduce energy levels and can mess up your sex life.

Alcohol: While moderate alcohol intake can get you in the mood for sex, binge drinking is a big turn off.

Poor Body Image: If you think you’ve added weight since you put to bed, don’t let your body image spoil your fun. Work on accepting your body as it is today even if you are working to get in shape. Appreciate yourself .

Depression: Being depressed can shut down sexual desires. Seek help.

Hormonal Changes:  As a woman ages, estrogen levels drop at menopause leading to less interest in sex. Same goes for the man, when his testosterone levels drops, performance and sexual desires may drop as well.

Sexual Performance Concerns: Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation are male sexual problems that leads to low self esteem and lack of sexual desire from both parties.

No matter what is killing your sex drive,  there is always a solution.  Resolve medical issues with your doctor or therapist and rejuvenate your sex life by readjusting your habits and lifestyle to suit you and your partner.

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