Facts you didn't know about losing weight

Facts you didn’t know about losing weight

“OMG! What happened to my breasts? My “twin girls” are  gone, they need reawakening”. 

I woke up one October morning in 2015 with these concerns as I noticed my breasts were not only disappearing very quickly, but were also beginning to sag visibly.

Standing before a full length mirror and taking a peak at my “behind” , I  noticed my butt was becoming flat too. “What’s going on with my African Queen endowments and curves?” I kept asking.

I was losing my “Manchester” and “Arsenal”.

Until I started losing weight, I used to have wide hips, averagely big butt and always played in the league of busty women. 10 months down the line,  I started looking for ALL my natural endowments… lol.

Weight loss has its pros and cons. Most times, we’re focused on its advantages , and  ignorant of what may appear as disadvantages to us.  Like the old saying goes, “you can’t eat your cake and have it”.

Here are some facts you didn’t know about losing weight:

1. Breast reduction in size and weight: If you’re on a mission to weight loss, you will not only change your outer clothings,  you will most definitely change your bras too.

Lost Boobs
Lost Boobs

There are women who are genetically busty and there are those who are busty by virtue of fat. When women who are genetically busty lose weight, there will be breast reduction quite alright, but they will still have boobs that are visibly “big”, unlike women who are busty by virtue of fat whose breast reduction is usually drastic and seen to have “disappeared”. It is advisable to always  support you boobs with good sports bra before every cardio related exercise.

2.  You may lose your Butt: Just like the breasts, there are people who are naturally endowed with big butts/hips. Even with weight loss,  they’re  still  all so curvy; BUT if you’re like me whose big butt and Hip were fat induced, it will reduce drastically especially if you lose weight rapidly.

Lost butt

3.  You may NEVER have 6 packs : Yes we all want  to have that sexy stomach division like we see in magazines, so we work hard at it. Truth is, you may never have 6 packs no matter how hard you work  at it. If you’ve been working hard at it and it isn’t “forming”, simply enjoy your flat tummy (if you’ve achieved that),  and keep living healthy.

Looking for 6 packs?
Looking for 6 packs?

4.  Appearance of Stretch Marks:  This too can be a function of genetics. Some people who have lost weight complain of  the visibility of stretch marks and there are people who are lucky enough not to have it.

According to consumer health digest,  People often find that after they gain or lose weight stretch marks infest certain parts of their bodies. Many think that weight loss or gain will decrease  the visibility of their stretch marks. Thing is, weight loss  will only generate new stretch marks in addition to the old ones.

Stretch Marks
Stretch Marks

When you gain weight, your skin stretches to accommodate your growing body parts. When your skin expands, there is a huge probability that the collagen, elastic fibers and blood vessels in your dermis will be damaged and they will undergo the process the inflammation. This explains the initial scar-like appearance of stretch marks.

5. You may get cold more easily: With the significant loss of adipose tissue that insulated me from cold environments, I now feel cold more than before.

……….hurricane Vivian!

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