Routine Medical checkup

Why the average Nigerian don’t go for Checkup

My car recently had a problem with the brakes and I had to get it checked. I thought it was just a minor problem but when my mechanic checked it, he discovered several other problems which were larger than just the brakes. Because I hated using public transport to work, l decided to fix all the problems.

At the end of the day he presented a hefty bill of =N=105,000 to me. I argued but ended up paying =N=95000 grudgingly, though. I had no choice because I didn’t want to be ‘immobilized’ for a day. 

Suddenly, I realized I spend so much to keep my car in top shape but haven’t bothered to check why my back always aches. I had always thought the relief I get from popping a painkiller was enough. But it wasn’t, as my condition became incapacitating. If I had been doing regular medical checkup, the root of my backache would have been diagnosed early and properly treated.

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The health of many Nigerians are in a mess today because they don’t go for regular routine medical checkup. I discovered a few reasons why the average Nigerian don’t go for checkup.

1.  Ignorance: A lot of Nigerians don’t know why they should go for regular medical checks. Most people I spoke to, don’t see the need for it unless they are unwell.

2.   Financial Challenges:   This is the most common excuse.  However, if you can conveniently spend more on other things than your health, then it’s not an excuse.

3.  Fear of the Unknown: There is this wrong notion that “what you don’t know will not kill you”. But do you know that it’s that same thing that you don’t want to know that might still kill you? A lot of young men and women die prematurely just because they don’t want to be associated with any  serious medical condition during a routine check.

4.   False Beliefs:  Some people believe if they regularly take a home remedy or preparation like ‘Agbo’, their health is guaranteed.

5.  Procrastination: ‘I’ll do it next month’ but next month comes and you never get your checkup done. I’m definitely guilty of this!

6.   Self Diagnosis and Treatment: The internet has inadvertently become an alternative for medical checkup because of it’s vast health resources but still falls short when it comes to physical examination and accuracy of diagnosis.

7.   Government Health Policy:  The health policy in Nigeria is not well structured to encourage regular medical checkup for average citizens.

Regular medical check up is crucial for the benefit of general well being and overall health. All you need to do is just visit your doctor regularly. It can be quarterly or twice a year.

This would help you to detect any possible or upcoming health issues to be diagnosed and treated properly. Moreover, they also help to diagnose the disease at an early stage, when the chances for treatment and cure are higher and better.

Have you had any medical checkup this year? It’s not too late for one. Just book an appointment with your doctor. It for your own well-being.

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