health impact of swallowing condoms

Prostitute desperate to evade arrest swallows client’s condom

People can go to any length when it comes to avoiding getting into prison, and sometimes they can resort to drastic measures that are dangerous to their health. This happened just when you were thinking you’ve heard it all.

A prostitute in Taiwan was desperate to evade arrest during a crackdown on sex workers and this caused her to take a desperate step. The 48-year-old ripped off the condom from a client’s penis and swallowed it in a bid to hide the evidence from the police.

The 48-year-old Vietnamese national named Dang was caught by police during a raid at a health spa and denied any illegal activity. But her client admitted that they were half way into the act when the police barged in and Dang quickly removed the condom.

As police searched for the condom in the room, Dang was constantly asking for water. But she soon became short of breath and critically dehydrated, and was rushed to hospital where an x-ray revealed a shadow inside her digestive tract that police believed was the condom.


Doctors at the health facility said the woman – had she really swallowed the condom as suspected – risked having the rubber lodged in her upper respiratory tract or somewhere in her digestive system, which would require surgery to extract in the future. On the other hand it could also be digested without obstruction.

However, a 2011 study published in the Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal on the health impact of swallowing condoms warned the latex can require surgery to remove since it could obstruct vital organs and digestive pathways if it does not pass through the system.

The woman was found guilty of perjury for misleading the police and has been jailed for two months.

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