When to eat Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

When to eat Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

” I don’t eat breakfast because eating so early in the day will upset my stomach”.

“I’m watching my weight, so I skip breakfast and do brunch”

These and more are some of the reasons why people skip breakfast. While some of these excuses may appear genuine, skipping breakfast could increase your risk of heart disease.

Eating should be done systematically and timely, not randomly. There is no “best time” to eat your meal, but it’s important to plan your meals for each day from the previous day.

In the 1960s, nutritionist Adelle Davis popularized the mantra “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.”

Here are some guidelines to help you plan on when to eat Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.


Plan to have breakfast between 7am – 8am, and should not be later than 10am.

According to the American Heart Association Journal Circulation, Harvard School of Public Health, skipping breakfast may make you hungrier and more likely to eat larger meals, which leads to a surge in blood sugar. Such spikes can pave the way for diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels, all risk factors that can snowball into a heart attack.


It’s time to refuel. Lunch should be taken not more than 4hrs after breakfast in order to maintain steady blood glucose. It should be taken between 12noon – 2pm and not later than 3pm, while you are still physically active and most likely to burn calories.


There has been lots of controversies on when dinner should be taken. While some say it’s 6-7pm, others say it has to be 4hrs before bed time. In other words,  “it’s OK to eat dinner at 8pm if your bedtime is 12 midnight”

This is what worked for me in my quest for weight loss.

Eating dinner at least 2hrs before bedtime was my target. It should be between 7pm – 8pm.

If you’re a late sleeper,  eating dinner too early will make you really hungry before your bedtime. In most cases, you’ll mess up your day’s effort by visiting the refrigerator and nibbling on pastries.

Also remember, eating healthy snacks are allowed inbetween  meals.

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