Oil-less Efo Riro

Special Delicacy: Oil-less Efo Riro

From the stable of Hammie Holawale, MD/CEO of Mom JJ’s Kitchen, we present to you “Oil-less Efo Riro”.

Efo Riro, is a special soup delicacy synonymous with the Yorubas, a tribe that occupy the western region in Nigeria. It’s a leafy vegetable soup made with either Shoko or Tete leaves , popularly called Green Amaranth (it’s botanic name). Some people simply call it “Green”. These can also be added to yam porridge, especially tete.

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Our Oil-less Efo Riro is garnished with dry native fish, grinded crayfish, shrimps, iru (locust bean) and smoked turkey……hmmmmmmmm

Step 1:
Wash and chop your vegetables, remove bones from your fish and boil your meat.

Step 2:
Blend your pepper and onions with beef or chicken stock (no tomatoes). Yes, blend with meat stock instead of with water so as to get the best taste .

Step 3:
Pour the blended combo into a pot and bring it to boil. While it’s boiling, add all your ingredients – seasoning cubes, crayfish, little salt, shrimps, dry fish, etc. (Make your adjustment to suit your budget) and allow to boil for 10mins. Taste to make sure the taste is ok and ingredients are in right proportions.

Step 4:
Add your finely chopped Efo (vegetable) and let it steamer for 2 to 3mins…. then its ready!

This can be eaten with rice, boiled yam, boiled unripe plantain or a fist of Eba, Oat Fufu, Amala, etc.

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Note: It’s just the same way you prepare the regular Efo Riro, but we chose to cook ours without oil. Is oil consumption bad? The answer depends on the quantity of oil you consume at once, but we also wanted to let you know that you can enjoy your Efo-Riro even without adding oil to it.

Enjoy you meal!

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