Sexual Intimacy with unwashed hands

Adults Only: Sexual Intimacy with Unwashed Hands

Dear Men, have you ever thought about the things your hands come in contact with everyday? The people you shook hands with without knowing what they had touched with those hands? The times you used a public toilet without washing your hands because the water system was bad? Should we talk about the times you wiped a sit clean with your palm to keep dirt from staining your pair of trousers in a public place? Did you ever wash your hands?

When was the last time you washed your hands before pleasuring your partner with your fingers? Dang!

Our hands are carriers of most germs that cause serious infections which spread like wild fire. Washing your hands keep germs and bacteria away from your partner’s genitals. It’s true the vagina cleans itself, but if you consider NOT washing your hands before eating a bad hygiene, NOT washing your hands before poking into your partner is equally a bad practice.

Researchers from the University of Colorado conducted a study to examine the amount of bacteria on human hands. After swabbing the palms of 51 healthy volunteer participants, they discovered that the average hand has 4,752 unique bacteria coming from over 150 different species.

The female private part is a partway into her body. While the male anatomy is on the outside, females have theirs inside and can become infected if not properly taken care of. A lot of women make deliberate effort to maintain good personal hygiene, but 90% of men end up getting them infected by driving their dirty fingers into it during sexual intimacy.

It is agreed 70% of sexual intimacies are unplanned, but would you rather leave your partner at risk for infection? Your may infect your partner with bacterial infection called staph.

It’s the call of the female partner to remind her male partner to wash his hands before “digging” into her. You can also get yourself infected if you indulge in masturbation with unwashed hands.

A difficult task? Yes I know! LOL

…….hurricane Vivian!

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  1. Before any kind of sexual intercourse I always tell hubby, nna pls go wash I don’t have time for any form of scratch or infection down there.

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