Rejuvenate your sex life (3): Upgrade your Love Nest

Rejuvenate your sex life (3): Upgrade your Love Nest

For newly weds and young couples, the bedroom isn’t really too important as the sex routine can be anywhere from the kitchen to the settee or even in the balcony. Sex is still exciting for them irrespective of where it’s been engaged.
Not so, for couples who have been together for more than 5 years.

According to a study sexual desires tend to decrease as relationships last longer. Sex during this period, is usually not as fiery as before and most of the action is consummated in the bedroom.

While we can exercise our willpower to a certain extent in our lives, our environments often shape our realities to a greater degree. So instead of having to overcome the lacklustre vibe in your bedroom to initiate sex, why not have the sexiness and luxurious appeal of your bedroom or love nest inspire you and your partner into sexy times with ease? Remember, your bedroom should only have two purposes: Restful Sleep and deeply connecting sexual Intimacy.

Setting the mood for sex is important.
And while you might not think about your bedroom as lacking in sex appeal (it has a clean bed, right?!), you might be surprised by the little tweaks that can make a huge difference in terms of your desire.

Here are some….

Remove all forms of distraction like pile of newspapers, clothes, phones, TV.

Invest in soft and clean bedsheets all the time. Avoid white or drab colors. Go for sexy colors like green, brown etc. Invest in good drapes or curtains as well.

Make your nest cool: When it comes to the sexiness of your bedroom, the temperature definitely matters. An air conditioner will do. Making love under the A/C is so refreshingly good. I love it in the AC (*wink*), but regular power failure hasn’t been too kind to me.

Get the right lighting: Don’t use florescent light in your room. Use dim lights for optimal appeal.

Get your sex tools easily accessible: This includes massage oils or lubricants.

Get your music queued in and you are good to go.

Don’t forget to lock the door o.

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