Rejuvenate Your Sex Life (2): Let the Music Play!

Sex is good! It’s meant to be enjoyed between couples as long their “equipment” are healthy. Scientists also say that sex has a way of making us feel younger, healthier, and subsequently live longer.

Just when you thought that being in a long-term relationship was a positive thing, a study has shown that women who are in a long-term relationship are more likely to experience a decrease in sexual desire. This should not be an alibi for sexual Infidelity. That’s why it’s important to rejuvenate your sex life… Make the sexual act more pleasurable … Play some music during sex. Music is therapeutic, it’s medicinal and it refreshes.

According to William Shakespeare in Twelfth Night: “If music be the food of love, play on.”

And now scientists have discovered one reason why sex and music seem to go so well together. The same chemical system in the brain that produces feelings of pleasure as a result of having sex, taking recreational drugs or eating tasty food is also stimulated by listening to a favourite tune.

A study on how music affects intimacy revealed that a majority of the study participants agreed that music improved the overall sexual experience, 30 percent said it makes them more aroused, 25 percent thought it makes sex better, and 15 percent felt it made them more comfortable at the very least.

Neuroscientists have said that “virtually all people” respond more to a lower-pitched beat than they do to something higher, which is why most pop music doesn’t cut it in the bedroom. Anything with bass is quite soothing to our ears and can get your heart rate going and alter your mood.

Would you prefer to listen to your favorite tune during sex or the sound you and your partner make during sex?

The choice is yours!


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  1. Music and sex act synergistically to improve performance and pleasure. More chemical neurotransmitters like endorphins are released and this a positive multiplier effect.

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