My Weight Loss Story: Eat This Way and Lose Weight!

The most difficult part of living a healthy lifestyle is eating healthy. So many of you are confused about what your meals should look like and that’s the reason you keep jumping from one diet plan to another. My Weight loss story today is to teach you how you should eat to lose weight.

I lost over 32kgs in 10months by strictly exercising and eating from ALL groups of food.

This list below was put together and made easy for you to follow by Adebimpe James. It should help you start eating healthy and lose weight if you apply portion control. It worked for me, so it will surely work for you too.


Vegetables: Ugu, Waterleaf, Okro, Bitter leaf, Cabbage, Bell Peppers(tatase), Tomatoes, Scotch Bonnets(rodo) and any vegetables you can find around you.

PROTEINS: Eggs, Fish, Skinless Chicken, Slim Meat, Turkey etc

CARBOHYDRATES: Sweet Potatoes, Whole Grain Spaghetti, Oat Meal, Unripe Plantain, Beans, Moimoi etc.

* Replace White Rice with Brown Rice(ofada rice, Abakaliki rice)

* Replace yam with Naija Sweet Potatoes (eat yam once in 1 week if you like yam that much)

* Replace Eba, Semo, etc with a fist size Oat Fufu , if you like swallow so much and can’t do without it. (Prepare the oat like you prepare yam poundo). If you can’t afford Oat Fufu, eat a fist of Amala with lots of vegetables.

* Add 1tbsp of Palm oil, coconut oil or olive oil in your meals when necessary.

* Your meal MUST have: Small Carb, PLENTY Vegetables and Protein (Fish or Chicken or Egg or Meat or Turkey).

(Portion Control is the KEY)

Fruits: Grapes, Kiwi, Berries, Green Apples, Watermelon,Pawpaw, Golden melon, Lemon, Lime, Mangos and any fruits you have around you. Fruits should be eaten in moderation and go easy on Pineapples and Oranges.

Nuts like almonds, peanuts (not more than 10-15pieces)
Natural unsweetened Yoghurt
Garden Eggs.
Tiger Nuts

* Drink Green Tea regularly with drops of lemon or lime juice and grated ginger. (Choose your greentea brand wisely)

* Do loads of green smoothies – We shall discuss smoothies in another article

* Drink Enough Water Daily (There is no specified liters of water but, the colour of your urine will tell you if you are well hydrated or not. Drink water not because you are thirsty, but because it’s a necessity.

* Detox from time to time with Lemon/Lime, Mint Leaves, cucumbers and grated ginger , soaked over night in water jug.

* Have your dinner at most 7pm, a light meal NOT carbs.

* NEVER skip meals unless you’re fasting.

* Keep away from fried food.

*Run from junks and sodas

* Go to bed on time and get at least 7-9 hours of sleep.

* Eat sensibly!

……….hurricane Vivian!

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    1. I haven’t found an alternative yet to Mint leaves but there are green smoothies that serve as detox too. We shall talk about them when we discuss smoothies.

    1. Dear Havijedi, I will look through and make recommendations. Currently, I take Qualitea. I used to take ballerina tea until it became too expensive and scarce . Just avoid green teas with caffeine

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