Rejuvenate your Sex Life (1) : Appreciate Yourself

Rejuvenate your Sex Life (1) : Appreciate Yourself

Some women today, feel they are not “hot” enough to enjoy sex. Our media bombards us with images of perfections which have surely made impacts on our brains as we develop and while we exist today. They affect the way we feel and how we think of ourselves, and can lead us to resenting the beautiful bodies we’ve been blessed with. This in turn, can negatively affect our sexual empowerment.

The fact that you are not well-endowed as models are portrayed in magazines or not as voluptuous as your colleague, doesn’t make you less attractive to your man. You need to appreciate yourself just the way you are.

I’m certain that if your partner wanted a curvier person he wouldn’t have married you. According to a sex therapist, no matter what a woman looks like, if you love your body, your man will, too. This may require cultivating an appreciation for your uniqueness. When a woman starts to appreciate her imperfections as endearing distinctions, she will have begun to love herself in a way that allows her to love others.

It’s a lot easier said than done though, but there are some ways to start appreciating your body so that you can feel attractive and empowered sexually.

These ideas can be of help to both men and women, whether you’re in a committed relationship or not.

• Learning to love and accept your body may take some practice, but stand in front of that mirror and proudly look at your body. Remind yourself of all the good your body has to offer. It can be the smallest of appreciations, like loving your big round bellybutton……Lol. When you love and appreciate your body, others will too!

• Trim unnecessary hair, beard, bush and ladies, get rid of those grandma dross or torn boxers. Accentuate your curves with some sexy underwear.

• Step up your dress sense by wearing clothes that fits your body type. Don’t wear a dress simply just because it is trendy.

Appreciate yourself, look good for yourself……..

It’s Your Move!

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