My Weight Loss Story(4) – Embarrassing Moments

Have you ever walked into a clothing shop in Lagos, Nigeria to buy a dress and before you stepped into the shop you heard “ madam we no get your size”? Or “ madam, na who wan wear am because if na you, your size no dey”. What they said was to reassure me that they didn’t have my dress size.

Have you tried getting on a commercial bike (known as Okada) and the okada rider sighs and looks away from you and occasionally one of the bold ones tells you “ madam you go less my tyre”? (You’ll deflate my tyre)

What about commercial tricycles (keke napep) or bus/taxi? Have passengers who wanted to board a bus stepped back when they looked in and saw how you occupied a large portion of the seat meant for two? Most times, they’d say to the driver “Oga, I’ll wait for next turn”? And when they “managed” to board the bus, everyone who sat on your row kept saying, “ madam shift” even when they knew you’ve reached the edge of the seat and stuck to the body of the bus.

Should I mention the times you couldn’t go for an event because of wardrobe malfunction when the zip of your dress broke just as you were about leaving home?

That was me! I knew I was overweight, but didn’t know to what magnitude until I attended a beach hangout with friends I met on a facebook group called “Spouse Tango”. When the pictures surfaced online, I almost cried.
“OMG! Me? I don’t believe this!” “How did I let myself get this much?”

You see, when people come to me asking for help to lose weight, I always ask them the big question – WHY DO YOU WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT? Your ability to answer that question will go a long way to helping you stay determined and remain true to yourself, even when no one is watching. The reason you start today and give up tomorrow is because you don’t have your eyes fixed on a goal.

I made up my mind that very day to knock down FAT! I was tired of the embarrassments, I wanted my confidence back. I was a young woman in her late 30s, my dress size was 22 , weight was 117 – I looked quite old.

It was a tough road – in pains, sweat, deprivation and discomfort, I kept my eyes focused on my goal and I came through for myself.

If I could, you too can!

…………….hurricane Vivian!

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  1. Having a definitive reason for losing weight sure Spurs one on even on days that you feel like reverting to old ways and habits. Thanks for the motivating piece

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