My Home, My Gym! – No Excuse!

At some point during my weight loss journey, I couldn’t afford to renew my gym subscription. NO MONEY… Lol.

Some of you are at this point right now and that to you, is a valid excuse not to cross train. But listen to this!πŸ‘‡

When I could no longer afford payment for monthly gym subscription, I became a bit discouraged. Of course, I continued with my outdoor run, but couldn’t weight train.

One morning while at home, my eyes hit my very big OX standing fan. If you know that fan, you would swear on its weight. That fan became my barbell.

I’d go for my outdoor run, then come home to do my “home weights”…lol. Yeah, it served me for a while and I had good results.

Then everything that had weight became my gym equipment. I filled some with sand, some with stones and others with water- Jerrycan of water, kettle, sewing machine, side stool,
dining table chair….just everything.

See video πŸ‘‡

I could go on and on showing you videos and pictures, but if your mind isn’t made up, then it will be of no use.

Your determination to lose weight or keep fit is in your mind.

So what’s your excuse?

………hurricane Vivian!

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22 thoughts on “My Home, My Gym! – No Excuse!

    1. Emmanuel, that got me laughing. Be gentle on her because unless she makes up her mind , dragging her to the gym will not yield results.

      What she’d need is encouragement, not a forceful push or a command.

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