My Weight Loss Story 3: Addiction to Sodas and Junk Foods

If you truly want to lose weight, you MUST be willing give up your addiction to sodas and junk foods. NOT NEGOTIABLE! Be determined! I hope my story will help you overcome your addictions.

I had always loved sodas! My addiction for soda was so deep that I wouldn’t have a meal without a drink. The least I’d consume in a day was 3 bottles of soda, not the small bottles but the 50cl.

Shortly after I voluntarily resigned my white collar job, I took to entrepreneurship and became a classic pastry maker. Pastries! Oh Pastries!! I shot myself in the leg…lol.

The pastries I make are so good that I’d eat 2 big hot doughnuts and 1 meat pie, a beef roll or puff puff, with a bottle of ‘orobo’ Mirinda, Pepsi or Coke EVERY morning and before the end of the day, additional 2 bottles would go down. That was my daily ritual… it was that bad. Of course, I was a soft drink vendor too.

When my quest for weight loss started and was told to quit sodas and junks, my heart broke. That was the hardest part of my journey. For crying out loud, I sold these things daily, how could I resist “tasting” them? But deep down in my heart, I knew giving up on them was imminent.

I suffered terrible withdrawal symptoms. My body craved sugar so badly that sometimes, my nerves became jittery like someone who was on drugs – by the way, who else is having same symptoms now?

Drinking water wasn’t my way of life, it wasn’t sweet; the mare thought of having a meal without a drink was saddening, but then, I was determined. I needed to lose weight for 2 reasons (story for another day), so I started forcing my tastebuds to get used to the bland taste of water. Everytime the craving for sugar came, I’d think of the calories I burnt running , the weights lifted, the pains sustained and the expected gains. It wasn’t a win-win battle though; I gave in sometimes and truly enjoyed my coke…lol.

One day, I discovered this drink called H2Oh (no advert intended, just being honest), and would take a bottle from time to time when I desperately craved for sugar. Overtime, my tastebud began to adjust and adapt to bland tastes. At some point, even a tiny drop of sugar on my tongue became sickening. Water became my best fluid.

The fight against our addictions to sodas and junk foods is real and unending. If you fall, get up, dust yourself and fight again. I’m still in this fight and we shall win our war against our addiction to sodas.

……….hurricane Vivian!


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