My Weight Loss Story 1 – Shun that Treadmill and Hit the Road!

In my desperate quest to lose weight, I enrolled in a gym weighing 116kg.

Although the gym was a place I had never been to before, I had friends who were gym “rats” and always beckoned on me to join them. I’d watch them briefly during their aerobic classes outside every morning after dropping my children off at school. They seemed like they were having fun; they played a lot, laughed freely and danced happily.

At the end of the first month of my gym enrollment, I gained 2kg (118kg) instead of losing. Was I discouraged? Of course I was. I almost gave up but encouraged myself and tried again, this time focusing on the treadmill. After 3 months of constantly running on the mill, it became boring and I wasn’t impressed with the progress made, so I decided to do something different……HIT THE ROAD!


Oh yes! HIT THE ROAD! My first day out jogging was a mess….lol. It felt like a hospital was going to receive an emergency case. I imagined myself dying from a heart attack; my heart seemed to have blocked suddenly, my lungs, breath, head and eyes acted funny. Infact, I thought I had developed Pneumonia…hahahaha, but felt good afterwards and in one month, I lost 4kg.

This was it! Outdoor running/walking. The calorie burn was incredible, nothing compared to what I used to burn on treadmill.


• More oxygen is used up when you go for outdoor jog/walk. According to Researchers from Milan University, running on treadmills significantly reduces the amount of oxygen joggers use, suggesting that less effort is required.

• While treadmill is electrically controlled and less strenuous, outdoor jogging is 100% your effort, energy, strong-will and “blood”. It’s manual effort.

• Outdoor joggers have road bumps, steep hills and pot holes to contend with, in addition to wind resistance. It improves your mental alertness, physical flexibility and sharp reflexes.

• It’s cost effective. You do not have to pay to go for an outdoor run.

On a treadmill, all you see is yourself “ feeling cool” before a full length mirror, which gets boring over time; but with outdoor routines, you get to see exciting views, discover new routes and enjoy the beauty of nature. Some views will make you laugh out loud and keep you going even when you are tired.

In 10months, I lost 32kg running and eating right.

…….hurricane Vivian!



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    1. Very nice Emmanuel, keep at it! A lot of people feel exercising is for those who want to lose weight, but that’s not true. Everyone needs fitness.

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