Is there any excuse for sexual Infidelity?

While some people do have affairs because they feel they’re not getting what they want in their relationship, it’s only one of many reasons sexual infidelity occurs.

Many perfectly happily married people have affairs simply because the opportunity presents itself. Factors like availability, ease, lack of self control, power and minimal risk are all factors that can lead to ‘opportunity affairs.’ Some people are more likely to act on impulse.

A study reveals that the reason men cheat on their partners is because women are more likely to forgive them for it.

Women are more likely to forgive bad behaviour than men, with 60 per cent excusing their other half after they have been cheated upon. No one likes being cheated upon, be it the girlfriend or the wife. However, cheating in relationships is a pertinent issue and if a new study is to be believed, then the reason men cheat and have affairs comes down to the fact that women are pretty quick to forgive their partners.

On the other hand only 38 percent of men were seen likely to forgive their cheating partners. It means that one partner takes the other person for granted, which should not be.

A healthy relationship built on trust, openness, mutual respect, commitment and inventiveness is a starting point to curbing sexual infidelity.

4 thoughts on “Is there any excuse for sexual Infidelity?

  1. No excuse whatsoever from both parties for infidelity. After all before marriage you saw others and decided to choose your spouse so if you claim to love him/her, you will not dream or think of cheating.

  2. I think I agree with the findings of this study. And i think that it’s a societal thing, based on the underlying belief that women are chattel (property). Men are generally expected to (even encouraged) to cheat and/or play around. It is viewed as normal. While a girl is raised to keep her legs closed, boys tend to be raised the opposite. A girl who flirts around is called an ash*wo, while boys who play around are viewed as cool.

    In some cases of cheating people may even blame the wife (she is not “performing”, she is too fat, she is lazy e.t.c.). When the wife discovers that her husband cheated on her, people would be begging her to “forgive him for the sake of the children”. But if a wife should cheat on her husband enh (or even be suspected of cheating )… fire and brimstone! In most cases she would be thrown out out of the house, even her mama fit dey blame her.

    My view is: what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. Cheating is wrong, whatever your gender. If you have made a commitment to someone before God and man, you should honour it.

    But for those who will cheat regardless… abeg use condom o! Make una no carry dirty enter house!!

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