Why on earth is talking about bodies and sex just so embarrassing?

Why on earth is talking about bodies and sex just so embarrassing?

From time to time, we fall ill or have need to see a doctor. It is rather amazing how some of us shy away from the exact issues that brought us to the hospital, when it involves their bodies and sex.

Whenever something goes wrong “down there”, we pretend it isn’t happening and run in the opposite direction from someone who can help.

Most times when we visit the hospital and are confronted by the doctor, who will usually ask an open ended question like “What can I do for you today?” or “What has brought you to the clinic?”, we beat about the bush.

Beating about the bush will not help, so just say what you’ve come to say and get it over with, because the doctor may not have much time. They will lead the questioning after that.

Sometimes we even lie – telling lies over an issue that is “killing us”. We lie about the last time we had our period; Lie about the last time we had an erection; We lie about using protection during sex; Infact we even lie about the last time we had sex. Kilode?

Open that your mouth and talk. After all it’s your sexual health that’s on the line here, not the doctor’s. If you are uncomfortable with the doctor attending to you, kuku request to see another doctor instead of forming guy/girl.

Talk o! Just Talk!! I say Tallllllk!!!

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16 thoughts on “Why on earth is talking about bodies and sex just so embarrassing?

  1. We see that a lot even in counseling. Someone with issues come to you for counseling, yet will refuse to open up to details. How am I expected give such persons counsel?

  2. Haba, the doctors are humans na, and it is sometimes embarrassing to start telling him/her how often you had sex or how often you masturbate. Some of those doctors as embarrassing questions to, even when they know the answers already, they pretend not to know. They will still want to say it as if it’s easy. lol

  3. I dont tell lies o. what’s my business? Does the doctor know me? Abegi, shebi he is a doctor? He should be ready to hear anything and everything. Doesnt he or she have sex? Mtchwww

  4. But it is really amazing. How can you go all the way to the hospital and be shaming shy? The sickness or problem isnt serious yet, until it becomes and emergency , then it might be too late

  5. It’s true sha, but it is also natural. I remember the day i took a local herb that gave me unending erection. No be small thing o, i had sex, but it still refused to go down. It was up till the next morning and i had to run to the hospital. The way the doctor was questioning me sef, i almost lied but because this thing was embarrassing, i had to spill everything out. The erection was very hard and painful

  6. In the country I am is not like that you say the truth and it will set you free.
    After all I don’t know them.(Oyibo)
    If at all you lie they will know at the end.

  7. As a nurse, we see all manner of people everyday. But we don’t even know why a dying person should be telling lies over what is already killing him/her

  8. People lie – Doctor House. Underlying this short statement is the suggestion that lying is something people do and explaining the reason behind it may be too cumbersome and perhaps unnecessary. Instead of asking people to tell the truth, I think doctors should just be aware that patients lie and understate things. This awareness, I think, is easier than expecting people to be truthful. Cheers. And yeah, this blog is neat and loads fast. Well done.

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