That Agbo wey you dey drink…….

Until I relocated to the city of Lagos about 13yrs ago, Agbo drinking was not something I was quite familiar with. Not that taking “herbs” was totally new to me, but the way Lagosians gulp it, is completely amazing.

Agbo is hawked in streets, buses and highly consumed in homes. If you complained of anything with regards to health, the first thing you’d be told is “drink agbo”. Some people swear by the efficacy of agbo and will never let a day slip by without doing the daily ritual of drinking it.

Before people who do menial job start their day’s work, agbo must be honoured. You find mothers giving their new born agbo at the slightest discomfort noticed in the child. Oh! Did I also tell you that some pregnant women drink it because they do not want their foetus to grow “big” so that vaginal delivery they say, “will be easy”? How did they arrive at that?

Now, am I here to condemn AGBO (herbal remedies)? The answer is NO! It’s been in existence right from the foundation of the world and is even recommended by God for our healing. But my concern is that just like western medicines, what is the ideal dosage of that agbo you practically live on?

Sometimes I sit and watch with keen interest how these agbo street vendors mix between 3 – 4 liquids together and hand them out to buyers according to their peculiar complaints.

Have you ever asked them the contents? Have you researched those contents? Just because you are told it gives energy, or cures malaria, or whatever….., you have now subjected your kidneys to pressure recklessly.
Remember, everything you take into your system is processed by your kidneys and just like regular machines, they can get damaged or breakdown. Our kidneys are the “trash collector”, they sift waste products in our bodies; little wonder they are the only internal organs in our bodies which come in pairs.

The rise in kidney failure in recent times is alarming…….Be careful!
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………..hurricane Vivian!

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12 thoughts on “That Agbo wey you dey drink…….

  1. When I was on Campus, the first I heard of “Agbo” was the tonic that would help you last for like 4 to 5 hours in bed… I was too scared to buy/try it… But whether its for Malaria, Measles or sexual Maladies – we need to be careful!!!…
    Has anyone ever heard of the “blood cleaning” Agbo???..

  2. It’s easy to caution our generation on the so side effects of these concussion, but difficult to caution the elderly who always try to make you understand how agbo has been passed down from their forefathers. Well for me I tried it the first time during NYSC. My roommates from the west were hardcore agbo takers, I tried the one they added garlic and alcohol. Did I feel better? Of course the alcohol got me and I felt high. ILol.

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