You and your dirty bra

You and your dirty bra…….

While I was in Higher Institution, I used to have a friend (we are still friends), whose sense of smell was annoyingly sharp.

Sometimes, after you would have had a bath, changed your pant, dress and feeling all cleaned –up; coming close to this “girl”, she would sniff at you and tell you “you dey smell”. Me? Smell? But I just finished having a bath. Then she’d reply “na your bra dey smell”. Oh gosh! “It smells of sweat and dirts, go comot am wear another one”, she would say.

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Truly, it smelt…..lollllllssss. This drill from that girl, now a woman wasn’t peculiar to me, it was carried out on every female who was close to her.

So, I became conscious and always paid attention to the smell of my bra till this day.

I have brought this same drill here today. It is no new gist that we all have that bra we call “one nation”. That bra that holds our boobs firmly, that fits well, that gives balance and support. Even if we had a hundred bras, our “one nation” still come in handy, always loyal.

We mask the smell with perfumes while wearing them over and over again for dayyyyssss. If we dropped some of our “one nation” in a fish pond, the fish inside go die fiam….lol.

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Take time out to dip those dirty bras in water and wash them as often as possible because it is bad for your hygiene. With time, the smell of that dirty and sweaty bra would transfer to your clothes leaving you with body odour.

Truth is, if you wash it at night, in most cases it dries before morning and you are good to go again….”wash and wear”.

What? Did I just write all these? Oh yes I did!

…………hurricane Vivian!

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  1. At last the long awaited bra gist has landed. Well dear, whether one nation bra or not all bras should be treated same way. The most a lady should put on a bra is twice (i.e. if you did not sweat the first day being in an air conditioned office etc) you can comfortably wear same bra the next day for work. However, if you sweat putting it on the first day, gir…..l when you get home, just jejely and nwayoly drop that bra for wash and pick up another the next day for work. Even if you have an event same evening after work., for the fact that you refreshed yourself before going for that event, you must change the bra. Women pay more attention on pants and dress but less on bra meanwhile, the sweat under the breast stings and that is why the bra band under the breast stings most.

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