Do Condoms take the fun out of SEX?

Do Condoms take the fun out of SEX?

A lot of men and even women complain of sex not being quite pleasurable when condom is used. There are men who actually pull-off their condoms in the middle of sex….hahahahahaha. But how true is this really? Do condoms take the fun out of sex?

According to a survey by Global Condom Experts – Lucky Bloke, this is NOT entirely true.

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It was discovered that 68 percent of men select the wrong size or shape of condom. The correct size of condom can enhance sex for both partners and skyrocket their pleasure.

I’m sure a lot of us do not even know they come in sizes…lol. But hey! Who has that patience to look at size when there’s urgent work to be done???

So, are you one of those “beefing” condoms?

17 thoughts on “Do Condoms take the fun out of SEX?

  1. Contrary to most, I actually prefer condoms….
    Why? [1] You last longer – [2] easy clean up [3] obvious protection benefits
    The key here is having the correct type & size of condom : Condoms are like underwear – one size does not fit all!!!!… Madam also prefers condoms…. especially after a nice quick hot morning session, she doesn’t go out having to deal with “stuff” dripping all the way down her leg…

  2. When I am ovulating, I insist on condom with hubby. He hates it though, but I dont want to have more kids. I don’t want to have my life on standstill right now

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